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Tom is a retired letter carrier. While on his route he enjoyed the wide variety of gardens he passed. In particular he became interested in hosta - the colors, the leaf shapes, and the sizes.
He began to grow a few varieties in his own yard. They grew so abundantly that he decided to split a few and sell them during a garage sale that his wife Mary was having. All of his hosta sold in a matter of hours.
His hobby became his passion and his passion became his "retirement" work.
Tom is a great Garden Companion if you have questions or problems to discuss. He is available every day of the sale to answer questions and to share his knowledge of hosta and other shady plants.
Mary is an avid gardener who has harbored a lifelong love for wildflowers. In particular she has an affinity for woodland flowers.
You'll find beautiful specimens in the  garden including Jack in the Pulpit, Virginia Bluebells, Trillium, Bloodroot, and Wild Ginger to name a few. Many varieties are for sale each year.
Mary is a great Garden Companion if you're looking for help designing and shaping a shady space in your yard.
She can assist you in choosing hosta that compliment one another and that grow in a way that fills your empty spaces with a pleasing form and a beautiful flow.
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